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What is a Second Medical Opinion?

This is an assessment given in the form of an opinion by a second radiology specialist, based on an initial diagnosis and prior tests conducted by another specialist.

The purpose of a second medical opinion is to offer assistance to a patient who has questions or does not feel confident about their medical condition.

Who is our service for?

We have specially designed this service for people who have doubts or questions regarding their diagnosis or prescribed treatment, or for those patients who are simply seeking more information about either their medical condition or an upcoming surgery.

Who is directly responsible for providing this service?

Any studies will be reported by experienced medical radiology specialists who are opinion leaders in the profession.

How do we work?

GWith the help of technology, we can offer a Second Opinion quickly and efficiently.
Please visit, enter your personal details, and attach your medical imaging study.

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What are our prices?

Descripción Precio Regular Precio Medismart
Servicio segunda opinión radiografía ₡14 286 ₡11 429
Servicio segunda opinión mamografía ₡14 286 ₡11 429
Servicio segunda opinión tomografía ₡64 286 ₡51 429
Servicio segunda opinión resonancia ₡85 714 ₡68 571

Important information when using our services:

The radiological report will be sent to your email within 48 to 72 hours.

You will have access to your radiological report through a link. The report can be downloaded as a PDF and you will be able to review the images with an integrated web viewer.

The payment process will be done through the purchase. A text message will be sent to you with the indications.

These studies will be reported by radiology specialists, who are leaders with wide experience in the field.

When entering your data and attaching your medical imaging study, our team proceeds to check if the study is or not a diagnosis and will get back to you to indicate the payment method or provide you with the details in case the service cannot be provided.