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At Hospital Metropolitano, we strive to provide our patients with health, innovation, and quality services. Therefore, we are pleased to present our Down Syndrome Program, which seeks to provide specialized care to the population with the best professionals.

We offer medical monitoring tailored to the patient's needs and their chronic pathologies, as well as guidance in case of acute illnesses. Additionally, our patients are always in a comfortable and safe environment. Finally, our program focuses on providing support to patients with Down Syndrome through the guidance of an exclusive general practitioner throughout their treatment.

Program benefits

Patients with Down Syndrome will have access to appointments with an exclusive general practitioner of the program.

Appointments are available virtually or in-person.

The exclusive general medicine appointment for the program has the usual cost for MediSmart patients and/or regular patients, as appropriate.

The program applies to all patients with Down Syndrome, from children to adults.

Courtesy affiliation (at no additional cost) to the ASIDOWN-MS agreement of the MediSmart medical plan. It must be a plan where the holder pays the $12 monthly fee and the beneficiary with Down Syndrome enters for free.

Dr. Adriana Acuña, a general practitioner, is the exclusive doctor of the program for this treatment. She will clarify patients' doubts and provide detailed information about the program.

When can I apply for this program? 

At the moment the patient with Down Syndrome requires medical, mental health, and dental care, whether it be for an acute condition or to begin medical monitoring with their respective follow-up. 

Cost to join the program

In the Down Syndrome Program, the amounts to be paid will be for each general medicine appointment, the respective procedures, and services that are requested. These will have the same prices as Hospital Metropolitano for MediSmart and non-affiliated members.

If you would like more information about the program, please click the button below.