Occupational Medicine

In our country, approximately 90,000 work hours are lost annually due to various illnesses resulting in disability.

These statistics could be reduced if we work together, as the Hospital Metropolitano has a department dedicated to this service and, with our experience, we know how to help your company, always fulfilling our commitment to provide the best medicine at the best price.

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Occupational Medicine

  • Digital record keeping
  • Statistics and KPIs, such as the number of appointments, diagnoses, and follow-up for chronic diseases
  • Medical Check-ups

On-site services

  • Health Fairs
  • Wellness Campaigns
  • Vaccination Campaigns

Commercial Partnerships

The services we offer allow us to have more specialties, more procedures, and more services at a very competitive cost.

International Agreement

The Hospital Metropolitano has signed a cooperation agreement with Sanford Health, a major healthcare provider and one of the largest hospital institutions in the United States.

This will allow us to conduct clinical research, discuss patient cases, access state-of-the-art diagnostic treatments and exams, among others.

Some of our corporate clients.